Sanitize vs Disinfect: What’s the Difference?

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    Sanitize vs Disinfect: What’s the Difference?

    You often hear that you should sanitize and disinfect surfaces that you suspect may be contaminated, but that is not always clear. People can say those words all day, but until you get what they are trying to tell you, the words might as well be in one ear and out the other. Which is why we will learn what the difference is when one says sanitize and/or disinfect.

    This simply means that you are cleaning something. Just cleaning something doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t pose a physical risk to your health. It means that you have taken the time to clean the dirt or grime or other build-ups on that surface. It might be important to do something like that, but you shouldn’t stop there. You shouldn’t think that just because a surface appears clean, it poses no risk to you. It can be quite the opposite. We get careless when we see a clean surface, which may make us MORE prone to catch something from a surface like that because we aren’t keeping our guard up like we ought to.

    When we disinfect something, we are actively using a product that is meant to kill the bacteria and germs that cause disease. This is pretty important because we don’t want to find ourselves caught up in the trap of illness and disease all the time, and we want to keep others around us safe as well. The only way to accomplish that is to disinfect surfaces that could cause us to catch something that could harm us.
    Disinfecting means using special products built for this kind of work. Luckily, that is possible when we look through the aisles of the stores and see the rows and rows of products available to us to use for this purpose. The good news about all of this is that disinfecting can keep us a lot safer from germs and bacteria than before. Thus, it makes sense that people would want to stock up on this type of material when they go to the store.

    Why Not Both?
    You honestly should do both things simultaneously because you don’t want to take a chance on something getting infected by bacteria after you have already disinfected it once. If you clean it, it may be less likely that the bacteria and germs will return. Again, that is not a guarantee, but it is nice to have clean surfaces around you, no matter how you look at them. People should pay attention to this kind of thing if they want to keep themselves as safe and protected from germs as possible. There is no time like the present to get ahead of this. If you have run into the problem of getting sick from surfaces that are not cleaned well enough, then you probably know the pain of not having clean places around you.
    It only takes a few dollars and a few products to get a clean and disinfected place that you want, and that is why you should try to use both disinfectants and sanitizers when cleaning up an area. You will appreciate how it looks, and the people around you will appreciate the effort you have put into it as well.

    Now that you understand the differences when you sanitize and disinfect, you know the importance of doing both. Sanitizing a surface means you clean and when you disinfect a surface, you kill the germs that can cause a disease.

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