Commercial Disinfection Services In Los Angeles

Protect your commercial spaces from viruses for up to 30 days with Safe Spray’s electrostatic disinfection services.

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    Why should you sanitize your commercial spaces?

    Proper cleaning is extremely important for various reasons: staff illnesses, employee health, safety issues, and the reputation of your business. The safest and most reliable way to keep your workplace clean is to utilize the expertise of a well-trained commercial disinfection crew like Safe Spray.

    Safe Spray provides commercial disinfection services efficiently and promptly using the electrostatic spraying method for all the commercial spaces and business in Los Angeles. 

    At Safe Spray, we bring top-notch services in fighting new viral threats. We’re equipped with powerful disinfectant technology, the kind that the EPA recommends as the first line of defense against harmful viruses. Our commercial disinfection services will help you focus on your core business while knowing that your employees and customers are safe.

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      Up to to 30 days Antimicrobial Virus Protection
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      Kills 99.99% of Germs, Flu, Viruses & Bacteria
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      Free virus surface testing (Before & After Treatment)
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      Free no obligation, Onsite services estimate

    How Safe Spray Works To Provide Business Disinfecting Services?

    Disinfect Your Commercial Areas With Safe Spray!

    Safe Spray offers business disinfecting services through a low-cost monthly package.

    When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, our experience in sanitizing commercial departments, including hotels, hospitals, and offices, saves you from the risk of exposure to dangerous viruses. Our expertise and efficient processes supports us to remain cost-effective for the industries of Los Angeles.

    Our solutions are EPA and FDA approved and are the most effective in removing various viruses, bacteria, influenza, COVID-19, and other forms of infection. All our disinfectants are certified hospital-grade and food-grade, making sure to never leave behind toxic residue that can affect your customers or staff’s health.

    Commercial Disinfection Services In Los Angeles CA

    1. Assessment and Pre-Test

    Before we start, we must complete an assessment of your buildings, offices, or other production areas. We take into account the variety of surfaces and electronics we will encounter, the size of your home, the number of rooms, and your overall goal with our business disinfection service. This helps us determine what type of package you need to keep your residential property disinfected and protected. Once it is determined how we will approach this task, we initiate a Pre-Test.

    Safe Spray Disinfection Service Certificate In Los Angeles

    2. Treatment

    Then a three-step treatment process starts, which truly sets us apart from the competition. The first stage is cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces, followed by a disinfecting process that removes 99.99 percent of pathogens. The final step creates an antimicrobial active shield that seals the entire disinfected environment to make sure the protection lasts up to 30 days.

    Electrostatic Sanitizing And Cleaning Services

    3. Post-Test

    Once the treatment is done, we will conduct a post-test to ensure your workspace is properly disinfected. We will provide you with a Certificate of Completion and window stickers to display that will let everyone know that your workspace has taken necessary steps to safeguard everyone’s health.

    Business Disinfection Services in Los Angeles

    Scheduling routine visits from Safe Spray is a smart preventative approach to keeping for family and business safe during these times. Just like your gardeners, pool technicians, and housekeepers, Safe Spray is a low cost monthly solution to upkeep the safety and quality of your workplace. Safe Spray business disinfection services start as low as $99.

    Electro Safe


    Service includes disinfection with electrostatic spraying and ULV foggers.

    Safe Spray Secure

    Safe Spray Secure

    Electro Safe service plus antimicrobial active shield solution that protects surfaces for up to 30 days.

    Total Safe

    Total Safe

    Safe Spray Secure service plus pretreatment to wipe down surfaces for more efficient sanitization.


    1. What if I need to reschedule a commercial cleaning?

    Simply call or write to us as soon as possible before your cleaning day. We do have a cancellation policy and will assess a cancellation fee if we find it necessary. 

    3. Are Safe Spray disinfectants licensed? 

    Yes! Our solutions are EPA and FDA approved as an effective way of removing various viruses, bacteria, influenza, COVID-19, and other forms of infection. Safe Spray also has access to a proprietary and safe blend of EPA-approved disinfectants and removed pathogens at much higher rates than similar services.

    2. Do I have to sign a long-term contract? 

    No. We offer flexible one-time services, periodic cleanings, and regular, ongoing maintenance services. The choice is all yours!

    4. Do I need to pay for a commercial estimate?

    No, we do not charge for an estimate. If you are interested in commercial disinfection services for your workplace, please call us to set up an appointment. One of our supervisors will come to your workplace to perform a free assessment. As part of your estimate, we will customize a cleaning plan and checklist of services that would fit your specific needs. You will hear back from us with your free estimate within 24 hours of the assessment.

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