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Powdered Mildew is a rapidly reproducing fungal disease that presents itself as white powdery spots on various plants

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    What Is Mold and Powdered Mildew?

    Mold and Mildew are fungi that thrive in places where the moisture levels are high. Untreated, both can cause mild to severe issues with harvests and yields as well as long-term respiratory issues for anyone in its vicinity not using proper PPE.

    There are numerous pathogens that can have a direct effect on crop growth and harvest yields. Different types of fungi, such as Powdery Mildew, Hemp Canker & Gray Mold, thrive in the prolonged hot humid conditions. Bacteria such as Bacterial Blight can also affect plants by causing them to wilt and eventually die.

    What Causes Mold & Powdered mildew?

    • High Humidity
    • Humidity above 60% combined with temperatures above 70° F
    • Pockets of stagnant water
    • Spread of spores from cross-contamination
    • Oversaturation


    How Does Mold Spread?

    Mold Spores can be found everywhere but are not visible to the naked eye. There can be as many as 3000 to 5000 spores per cubic meter of the air we breathe, however, they do not activate without moisture. Once they begin to form, these spores spread quickly with the slightest amount of air movement.


    • Small blisters on fan leaves
    • White powdery spots
    • Pale yellow leaf spots
    • Smell of rotting vegetation
    Mold & Powdered Mildew Leaf

    Proper Mold Removal

    The EPA recommends professional mold remediation anytime mold exceeds an area of 10 square feet. There are 3 main factors to mold removal: killing the mold and mildew, getting rid of it, and then preventing its regrowth.

    No two fungi are created equal. This means that relying on one solution to eradicate all spores is not the most effective method as every solution does not work on every variety of mold or mildew. This is why we take a multi-step and multi-solution approach to mold remediation. We start by applying one solution to the entire room (ceilings, walls, door, tables, and equipment) with our electrostatic sprayers. This ensures even coverage in even the hardest-to-reach places while reducing waste. Next, the entire room is scrubbed with wire brushes and a second solution. Finally, the last round of electrostatic disinfection occurs to ensure a maximum level of protection.

    Air Vent Disinfection

    Air Vent disinfection

    Air is constantly circulating throughout your grow house. It’s pulled through ducts, pumped through the air conditioner, and then it’s blown back into indoor spaces. Mold and mildew spores in the air can settle inside the seams and cracks in your ducts, where they can build up over time. As the air continues to circulate, these spores are constantly recirculated, where it spreads rapidly even with the slightest amount of air movement.

    Air duct disinfection is performed by highly trained technicians with specialized equipment designed to eliminate dust, germs, mold spores, fur, hair, rodent droppings, and more.


    • Helps fight the perpetual spread of mold and mildew spores
    • Creates a Cleaner Environment
    • Reduces Allergens and Irritants
    • Helps Everyone Breathe Easier
    • Our minimally invasive system avoids vent register removal in most sites
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