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Safe Spray uses top-of-the-line equipment, solutions, and methods to eliminate pervasive odors from your home or commercial business. Whether it be smoke, sewage, trash, or pet odors that are consuming your space, our trained professionals can determine the source and get rid of the odor in no time. Rest assured, we don’t simply mask odors, but rather use proven odor removal techniques to mitigate the root of the problem.

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    Biohazard Clean Up Services Los Angeles

    BioEnzymatic Solutions

    Through the use of EPA-approved Bio Enzymatic Solutions, we are able to bring environments back to their original condition. Bio Enzymatic cleaners are all-purpose and bioactive to permanently remove foul odors. The formulas contain a selection of specialized bacterial strains and chemical cleaners specifically designed for odor control within grease traps, drains lines, down pipes, porta-potties, septic tanks, recreational vehicles, and more!

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    Safe Spray Methods

    We use an electrostatic sprayer with a simple and easy-to-use air care solution that delivers 3-part action for instant odor removal. It removes stubborn smells at the source for a clean and fresh space! Our process is effective on multiple surfaces, including both hard and soft surfaces. Safe Spray solutions feature a pleasant fragrance, and continuously provide action on odor after the initial application.

    Odor Removal Specialist Los Angeles

    Who Can Benefit From Odor Removal?

    • Restaurants
    • Residential Homes
    • Apartments
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Veterinary Clinics
    • Hospitals
    • Doctors Offices
    • Convention Centers
    • Detention Centers
    • Vehicles


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