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    Our Solutions, Your Safety

    We have found that utilizing different spraying technologies, combined with Safe Spray’s proprietary blends of EPA-registered List N disinfectants, we are able to clean pathogens on surfaces at a rate much higher than typical household cleaners and our competitors. These hospital grade and food safe disinfectants eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, including, but not limited to, influenza, sars-cov-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), H1N1, HIV, norovirus and more.

    Our application technique improves coverage, reduces waste and eliminates human error. For years, we have worked directly with manufacturing plants, medical facilities, commercial kitchens and schools to provide them with any disinfection services they may require. Now, due to an increase in the demand for a true comprehensive sanitizing and disinfecting company, we are offering our services and expertise to all businesses, residential properties and locations to help stem the spread of any and all types of pathogens.

    Residential Covid Disinfecting Services

    The SPR-8 Promise

    • To Spray with Care We will take the time to make sure everything that can be disinfected is done so thoroughly and in accordance to the guidelines provided by the chemical manufacturers and the CDC.
    • To Use Safe Disinfectants True to our name, we make sure to only use food safe and hospital grade solutions that are tough on germs but not on our customers.
    • To Use Approved Disinfectants All disinfectants we use are EPA registered and are rated Food Safe and are Hospital grade. All disinfectants are listed in the EPA list N of approved Covid 19 disinfectants.
    • To Leave Your Location Unaltered Our revolutionary spray and go system allows us to get into tough to reach places without having to move items around. In the case where anything is moved for any reason, we will make sure to put it back as it was when we arrived.
    • To Address Emergencies First If there is ever an emergency or a known outbreak in your facility, we will give this priority over other current jobs to avoid any additional spread of contamination.
    • To Continue Our Pursuit of Innovation We will continue to research the newest technologies and disinfectants that become available in effort to always remain ahead of the pack and on the cutting edge.
    • To Provide Certificate of Completion We will provide you with a printed certificate upon completion of your first service as well as window stickers to display in high traffic entrances.
    • To Maintain Safety Precautions We will make sure to come equipped with the proper PPE and N95 masks, and maintain all CDC guidelines for the safety of everyone in the vicinity.

    Our Guarantee

    When we come to your home or business to disinfect, we do our best by ensuring we spray everything with care. Before we leave a location, we ensure that your business or home is thoroughly disinfected. Because we use a spray and go method, you won’t need to wipe anything down after we leave. We also give you stickers for your window for every location we treat with SafeSpray. The stickers tell your employees and customers that your business has been disinfected with the highest quality. Our solutions are CDC compliant.

    Safe SprayFDA Approved Healthcare And Medical Center disinfection Los Angeles
    Safe Spray CDC Healthcare Medical Center disinfection La
    Safe Spray EPA Healthcare Medical Center Cleaning service In California
    Safe Spray License Bonded Insured Cleaning And Disinfection Service In Los Angeles
    • SafeSpray fogging kills bacteria and microscopic viruses, including the coronavirus, on any surface.
    • SafeSpray is more environmentally friendly than disinfectants, such as bleach, that is often used for cleaning.
    • Unlike many other sanitizing products, SafeSpray is not hazardous nor flammable and is non-toxic.
    • We use electric ULV cold atomizer fogging equipment that kills viruses on contact.
    • SafeSpray fogging prevents cross-contamination during the disinfecting process.
    • Contact us to set up an appointment to test and disinfect your home or business today.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    True to our name, we make sure to only use food safe and hospital grade solutions that are tough on germs but not on our customers.


    Yes, we are able to apply our methods to residences as well.


    All disinfectants used in our process are registered on the EPA List N for effectiveness against the coronavirus specifically. However, these solutions also work on all other pathogens, bacteria and viruses as well. All solutions used are on the CDC website of approved types of solutions and range from botanical, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and more.


    After an initial assessment of your facility is completed, we will formulate a specific plan to address your needs. Here is a link to our entire process.


    We recommend re-entry 1 hour after we are done spraying. This is so the solution has enough time to work, dry and bond to the surface.


    We are not a cleaning company so we always recommend a proper cleaning be done before we spray. However, our Total Safe option offers a hand wipe service of all high touch areas before the disinfectant is sprayed.


    It is recommended that the area be clear of any individuals, however, it is not mandatory in certain facilities depending on the size. 


    Based on the application methods we use, combined with our various solutions, we are able to sanitize, disinfect and deodorize all types of locations including:

    • Schools
    • Daycares
    • Restaurants
    • Office Buildings
    • Places of Worship
    • Gyms
    • Healthcare facilities
    • Dispensaries
    • Residences

    Yes, we are able to apply our methods to residences as well.


    We pride ourselves on efficiency and will do our best to finish as quickly as possible, while making sure to not overspray, or create a mess. Our minimum service time is 1 hour.

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