Disinfecting the Safe Spray Way

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    Disinfecting the Safe Spray Way

    We all need a disinfection strategy that works, especially during the current global health crisis. Disinfection is different from cleaning or even sanitizing because disinfection products can kill 99.99% of pathogens on the surfaces faster than any other form of cleaning product. At Safe Spray, we stand proud of our ability to disinfect all surfaces using different spraying technologies and our blends of EPA-approved disinfectants. You don’t have to worry about stubborn pathogens such as COVID-19, H1N1, Norovirus, and other disease-causing microorganisms after administering our disinfection process in your facility.


    Our disinfection process starts with an initial assessment of the space needing disinfection. Some critical things taken into account during this step include the type and size of the location, the variety of electronics and surfaces encountered, the number of rooms or workstations, and, most importantly, the client’s overall goal. This assessment helps us determine the level of service needed.


    Our advanced testing for residues is much more accurate compared to services offered by our competitors. Typically, most of the tests done are surface tests that determine the presence of the organic material, ATP, which is a universal energy unit used in all living cells. Our pre-test goes beyond this to test to further detect degraded ATP present as a different molecule. The outcome of this step is saved, and the client always has access to it.


    The treatment stage is where the goal of the client is accomplished. Three steps are involved in this stage to ensure the success of this process. In the first step, we sanitize and clean all surfaces in preparation for proper disinfection. In the second stage, we disinfect surfaces using our solutions and techniques. Finally, in the third step, we seal the clean environment with an additional layer so that protection lasts longer. During these stages, generated trash is also removed to ensure your space remains in its original form. We also take care not to overspray the area as this can create a mess.

    Safe Spray Certification

    When disinfection is completed, and your facility is safe, we ensure your clients or visitors are well-informed to enhance their confidence. We provide a Certificate of Completion and window stickers to show that you care and have invested in keeping everyone safe to do this effectively.

    Advantages of using Safe Spray

    Here at Safe Spray, we guarantee thorough disinfection of your home or business. The disinfectants and techniques used are some of the best in the industry and are expert-approved. Here are some other reasons as to why you should consider Safe Spray services.

    • Safe Spray disinfecting solutions have been designed to eradicate all microscopic organisms on your surfaces.
    • Our process is quick, clean, and effective—a minimum service time of 1 hour.
    • Our disinfecting solutions are food-safe, environmentally safe, and hospital grade.
    • Our fog and mist applications are more efficient than spray bottles and can disinfect delicate surfaces such as electronics.

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    Safe Spray provides disinfecting services for residences, schools, restaurants, dispensaries, gyms, office buildings, health facilities, places of worship, daycares, among others. When you invite us to disinfect your space, we do it with care, ensuring every surface is left free of germs. We also don’t leave customers wondering whether they are in a germ-free environment. Our window stickers will say the words for you. If you want to disinfect your surfaces the Safe Spray way, call us at (855) 777-2987 or fill out our online form to consult with a Safe Spray expert and get your quote today.

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