What is UV Air Scrubbing?

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    What is UV Air Scrubbing?

    Ultraviolet light (UV) technology has been used for years as a disinfectant. In fact, there have been several health studies that have shown that UV light — specifically UV-C light — used in a specific wavelength and duration very effectively inactivates viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi by breaking down their DNA or RNA, leaving them unable to perform vital functions or reproduce.


    This technology — sometimes known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) — has been used in history to treat tuberculosis and disinfect hospitals, kitchens, meat processing plants, and laboratories. In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that hospitals use UV lights to reduce tuberculosis transmission.


    These days, hospitals, schools, and organizations around the world use air purifiers or scrubbers to keep their air clean for their students, patients, and employees. It is also sometimes used to treat drinking water and wastewater. The technology has become even more mainstream as the COVID-19 pandemic has consumers, healthcare providers and professionals looking for ways to ensure their spaces are safe for their families, customers, and patients.


    How UV Air Scrubbers Purify the Air

    The technology behind UV air purifiers is fairly straightforward. These devices rely on UV lamps that emit a blueish light or a light that is not visible to the human eye. Air is forced through the unit and ventilated through a chamber with bulbs emitting the light within the UV-C frequency. The process is typically silent and odorless. The UV light mimics the antimicrobial power of sunlight to eradicate mold spores and pathogens.


    What is UV-C light?

    The light used to purify air across with a UV air purifier is typically UV-C light. It is used because UV-C has the shortest wavelength of the three forms of UV light. The shorter the wavelength, the more harmful the UV radiation. UV-C light rays transmit the most energy and have the greatest potential to damage and kill bacteria and viruses.


    How UV Scrubbers Eliminate Bad Smells

    The benefits for UV air purifiers, however, do not end with just purifying the air of mold spurs and pathogens.

    In addition to helping to purify the air, these systems can also help eliminate smells for good by neutralizing all odor-causing particles in the air. These systems can also help to eliminate dirt and debris that is typically found in the air and that ends up coating your shelves, mantle, floors, and knickknacks. The result is a cleaner home and a longer time between needed cleanings.


    How UV Scrubbers Eliminate Illness

    Because UV air purifiers work to remove the particles that cause viruses and bacteria from your air, they can also help keep the illness from spreading, making it an ideal solution for people with compromised immune systems. Air scrubbers can help your organization, business or home avoid asthma or allergy symptoms, rashes, eye irritation, sore throats and so much more.


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