Using Disinfecting Wipes the Wrong Way? What You Should Know

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    Using Disinfecting Wipes the Wrong Way? What You Should Know

    Are you using disinfecting wipes and similar products correctly? There are many products on market shelves that claim to kill germs and viruses. However, if you do not use these chemicals correctly, you are doing three things you may not realize. Initially, you are wasting money because incorrectly using disinfecting products will not work, as stated in its package. You may be wiping away dirt and grime but not disinfecting the surface if not following each chemical type’s directions.

    You also waste products when using a lot to disinfect a small area by not using each disinfectant wipe or chemical the proper way. Taking the step to disinfect your home with chemicals can take time. However, this time is wasted if disinfectants are not used as directed.
    Third, you can waste more than time and money. Viruses, bacteria, and germs on surfaces are often left behind with an ineffective disinfection method. There must be an adequate time for disinfecting chemicals to“dwell”. Dwelling time allows the chemicals from your disinfectant wipes and products to sit untouched and undisturbed for a specified time. Each product is different. The average dwell time for disinfectant wipes and products is five to ten minutes.

    Less Effective Products
    While many products could be used for disinfection purposes at your home, business, or school; ultimately, they are less effective. According to the NIH (National Institutes of Health), more than 198 virus types can cause the common cold in the United States. Also, there are, on average, 40 million cells of bacteria in a single gram of soil. Furthermore, pathogens can live on surfaces and have the potential to multiply every 10 minutes.

    Although many products eliminate a few viruses and bacteria, it can be tedious even though every step is taken with a traditional product. As aforementioned at the top of the text, the standard three wasters are time, money, and traditional product ineffectiveness. Yet, there is a better way. Electrostatic disinfection can give you back your time, and it is highly effective.

    Electrostatic Disinfection
    Electrostatic disinfection is 99.99% effective. Also, it is 100% safe for people and pets. It is a faster solution. It is a brilliant way to disinfect a variety of location types. This includes but is not limited to schools, homes, businesses, and gyms. Electrostatic disinfection tools are used to give the solution used to form a fine mist and create a positive charge. This is important because most surfaces have a negative charge. The mist statically clings to surfaces and eliminates viruses, germs, and bacteria.

    A Clear Comparison
    The comparison between traditional disinfections and electrostatic disinfection is clear. Electrostatic disinfection is more effective and is quicker. Unlike conventional disinfectants, there is no guesswork to be done with electrostatic disinfection. With traditional disinfections, you can leave behind viruses and bacteria. If you are cleaning multiple surfaces, the probability of cross-contamination is strong. Moreover, people and pets who touch surfaces cleaned with traditional products can cross-contaminate bacteria and viruses after touching the surfaces.

    Electrostatic disinfection eliminates the need to be reminded to change cleaning cloths for every surface to prevent cross-contamination. Electrostatic disinfection can eliminate pathogenic bacteria in hard to reach crevasses as well. Plus, the solutions used for electrostatic disinfection is non-toxic. Our Safe Spray disinfection professionals are here to help. We are here to create a safer environment.

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