Understanding Graffiti Removal

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    Understanding Graffiti Removal

    Whether you have a commercial or residential property, graffiti will give the wrong impression and thus will bring down your property value. Graffiti can be extremely damaging. When prospective customers see graffiti, they may get the wrong idea about your company. Prospective tenants may also get the wrong impression when seeing residential properties. They may think that the property is poorly maintained. With this said, it is critical to get graffiti off your property:

    Different Surfaces & How to Remove Graffiti

    There are different ways to remove graffiti for different types of surfaces effectively. Please note: You must remember the following before you begin to remove graffiti:

    • Removing graffiti promptly is most effective.
    • To prevent harming surfaces, always utilize the most gentle means for removing graffiti.
    • Use caution when utilizing toxic chemicals.
    • Test the graffiti removal methods on a small, unimportant surface area to see whether the technique is safe to use before using it on the entire surface.
    • Hire a proven professional who has experience of working with unstable materials, historic buildings, and valuable surfaces

    Other than that, the following includes tips on how to remove it safely and effectively for various surfaces:

    Metal Surfaces:

    • Use any common paint thinner to try to wipe off graffiti. The paint thinner could be lacquer thinner, mineral spirits, or acetone.
    • Otherwise, use graffiti removal products, like Goof Off.
    • Sometimes, using penetrating oil, like Three-in-One or WD-40, works.
    • If there is still no graffiti, you can try scrubbing it off with light sandpaper, bronze wool, or steel.
    • Using a pressure washer, if graffiti remains, is also a good idea.
    • If it all fails, paint over it.

    Wood Surfaces

    • For wood that isn’t weathered and sealed with stain, paint, or sealer, try to wipe off the graffiti with mineral spirits. Don’t use this method if it is weathered. Wood will absorb mineral spirits and make the paint go further down in the wood.
    • Do a power wash at low pressure, but carefully watch to ensure the pressure isn’t making the paint go deeper in the wood grain.
    • If nothing mentioned above works, sand or re-paint over the graffiti.

    Plastic Surfaces

    • Try wiping graffiti with a light penetrating oil such as WD-40 or Three-in-One. Don’t use paint thinner because it can soften the plastic, making it permanently unattractive or cause clouding.
    • Sometimes a light rubbing with ultra-fine steel or bronze wool will remove the paint.
    • If these methods do not remove the graffiti, paint over it.

    Glass Surfaces:

    • Using a razor blade is the best method to remove painted graffiti from glass by carefully scraping it off. Use it in a holder and scrape the edge at a 30-degree angle on the glass.
    • If there is still paint after using this method, gently rub the glass with ultra-fine bronze wool.
    • A paint thinner can work, but the razorblade is more environmentally friendly and much quicker than it.

    Masonry Surfaces:

    • Power washing with no pressure not exceeding 700 psi is the best option for this surface. Also, don’t use a very narrow tip. Using a very narrow tip will etch the surface, thus leaving an excellent outline of the graffiti removal.
    • Sand-blasting can also work. However, you must be careful not to let the sandblasting tip remain on a spot too long. Doing so may cause a permanent etching on the surface. So, it would be best if you kept moving the tip over the painted and surrounding areas for an evenly blended, attractive surface.
    • If sandblasting or power washing won’t remove the graffiti, then painting over the graffiti is the way to go.


    If you have graffiti on your property, give Safe Spray a call for a free no-obligation service estimate. We have the skills and means to remove graffiti from almost all services.

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