The Importance of Air Quality in Your Home

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    The Importance of Air Quality in Your Home

    Air quality can be a huge factor when it comes to an individual’s health and quality of life. Pollution, toxins, and allergens can lower your home’s air quality. Some may not realize how serious bad air quality is, but it is serious and should be handled accordingly.

    Common Causes of Bad Air Quality in Homes

    Some common causes of bad air quality in homes are pollutants, mold, pollen, and other allergens. These allergens may be linked to allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses. Also, some homes with bad air quality may cause people to experience migraines and headaches. And if someone has asthma or other respiratory issues, the symptoms may get worse. These elements, causing bad air quality, can also be fatal in some cases, according to the CDC.

    Ways to Improve the Home’s Air Quality

    The first thing to do when improving the home’s air quality is to check the roof ventilation system. You must ensure that there are equal amounts of air to enter through soffits than to use existing air that comes through roof vent systems. Doing this will prevent the attic from pressurizing, overheating, and drawing into the home.

    A recommendation from the U.S. Department of Energy is to use a continuous roof ventilation system on the rooftop and to have a continuous roof ventilation system on the rooftop, and a continuous vented soffit system. These systems provide more net-free areas (NFA) or intake at the eave edge of what is provided through the roof vent system. However, the roof ventilation amount needed for most homes is lacking due to most soffit panels today not offering enough NFA.

    Without enough ventilation, the air in the warm attic may easily get trapped and become stagnant. As a result, mildew, mold growth, and rotting may happen because of this.

    Harmful bacteria and pollutants will multiply as long as homes keep stale and stagnant air in them. So, homeowners must make sure the air efficiently circulates and moves to maintain fresh, clean, and healthy air.

    Besides having in place proper ventilation methods, it is vital to maintain indoor temperature regulations to retain good air quality. Pressurized and overheated air that is produced in closed spaces, like the attic, may filter into the home and significantly reduce air quality.

    In addition to having proper ventilation methods in place, indoor temperature regulation is also key to maintaining good air quality. Overheated, pressurized air that builds up in the attic or other closed spaces can filter back into the home and take a serious toll on the air quality.

    Other things to do to improve air quality are as follows;

    • Scour over basements, attic spaces, bathrooms, and under the kitchen sink.
    • Check to see whether the HVAC system is up-to-par.
    • Routinely clean the air filter.
    • Routinely change the air filter.

    To ensure your air ducts are properly cleaned and disinfected, contact Safe Spray today. Located in Glendale, California, Safe Spray has been providing top-quality services that spray FDA and EPA-approved disinfectants that adhere to CDC’s guidelines. Schedule a free service estimate today.

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