The Efficient Method to Destroying Biofilm

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    The Efficient Method to Destroying Biofilm

    There’s bacteria, and then there’s biofilm. Between the two, you should find yourself more alarmed with the latter, if only for the fact that a biofilm is actually a community of live, thriving bacteria.

    A biofilm is usually found on surfaces–regardless if it’s inside your kitchen, your office storage, or even in the outdoors sitting on top of rocks. Needless to say, it can grow anywhere, left alone to its devices, which can prove to be very problematic for homeowners.

    Now take a close look at areas that tend to become moist or exposed to water: your shower stall, toilet bowls, the kitchen sink, the backsplash and kitchen counter, tub enclosures, and more. If you spot something looking like a slimy and sticky growth that you wouldn’t otherwise touch voluntarily, then you’re looking at a real, live biofilm.

    What’s in a Biofilm?

    As mentioned earlier, biofilm is a community of bacteria clumped together. Not only are biofilms holding the bacteria together, they also protect the bacteria from external threats such as disinfectants or bleach. This is why it is much harder to get rid of, and why normal cleaning methods will not suffice.

    A diverse ecosystem of bacteria is not exactly something that you’d want to keep as a guest in your house, however, especially not with all the harmful effects it can have on your and your family’s health.

    Biofilms have been known to be responsible for a wide variety of illnesses, ranging from strep throat to Lyme disease. Chronic conditions such as fatigue, acid reflux, ear infections, or even multiple sclerosis have all been linked to biofilms as well. And these are just to name a few, which is why you shouldn’t take dealing with biofilms lightly.

    How to Best Deal with Biofilm

    When it comes to biofilms, you’ll need the help of a stronger cleaning system. See, it’s not simply a matter of cleaning, as much as it is a matter of disinfecting. This is bacteria–or rather a community of it, at that–you’re dealing with, which means it’s not going to be remedied with a simple soap and water solution, even if you throw bleach into the equation.

    This is because the microbes actually cling onto the surface, and find strengths in numbers, which means that the tighter they hold onto each other, the less futile an effort washing becomes.

    Instead, what you can do is use a spray cleaning service such as SafeSpray. Their electrostatic disinfection, followed up with the antimicrobial shield, guarantees a stronger layer of protection to your home against viruses, bacteria, and biofilm.

    Clean Safe with SafeSpray

    The great thing about Safe Spray is that this can be administered a lot more quickly and efficiently, thanks to their spray device, which is able to reach even the hard-to-reach corners of the room. The best thing about it, however, is that the disinfectants used can eliminate up to 99% of bacteria hanging out on surfaces within your home. Using Safe Spray services also delivers results fast, needing only some 15 minutes to dry out the sprayed surface.

    To double the protection, a micro shield is applied at the end of the process, which seals in the disinfectant goodness on the surface, for as long as 30 days. With this, you can rest assured that your environment is indeed protected better for longer.

    At the end of the day, you would like to have a method that can effectively get rid of biofilm, viruses, and bacteria in your home. For that, SafeSpray’s electrostatic disinfection system uses a unique hybrid technology that can aim for better precision when it comes to target spraying.

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