Open House Real Estate Disinfection

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    Open House Real Estate Disinfection

    Real estate brokers will also be affected by the COVID-19 because their job is to meet with clients at the house they are showing. To do this, contact is necessary, and so there are ways that the realtor can go about this so as everyone is safe and protected against this pandemic. The houses that are going to be shown to potential clients should be spotless. No one will want to attend a showing without the confidence of knowing that it is safe.

    House Cleaning
    The first thing real estate brokers must do is to plan their open houses. That means it is necessary to set a date of about a week or two, giving the home cleaning companies time to disinfect the home properly. No room should be left out. The kitchen and the bathroom are the first two most important spaces to disinfect. The other areas of the house would be tackled next, especially all the flat surfaces, mostly touched, such as the kitchen counter, toilet, floors, door handles, appliances, and more.

    The Clients
    When the realtor has an open house, several potential clients will pass through in one day, which means the home has to be disinfected every time someone leaves. Therefore, it is important to organize and plan for a certain number of clients at each show, no more than 4 or 5 for the day. Be sure to explain the protocol to the clients and ask if they agree to the conditions that will be applied. If not, then they won’t be able to attend the showing. Let no more than two different clients at a time attend the open house. Leave an hour, and a half gap for disinfecting to occur after the first set of clients have left, and then set the time for the other two clients to come, giving the cleaners enough time to finish disinfecting.

    House Ventilation
    Ventilate the house that you are going to show to prospective buyers. Closed places favor the transmission of viruses, so it is necessary to open the windows every day for a while. Open up the windows and doors if you have a screen protector. Run the air condition unit. A few minutes of ventilation, between 5 and 10 minutes per day, should be enough to maintain good indoor air quality. Keep the air conditioner on while you are showing the house. If there is a potential client interested in the home, you should limit the amount of time spent in the house and negotiate outside the house.

    Practicing Safe Measures
    It is essential to prepare a small container and place it at the door as you and your attendees walk into the open house. You should ask everyone to leave their car keys and mobile phone before ultimately entering the home. Afterward, use wipes with a minimum of 70 percent alcohol to clean the surface of the phone and keys, in case it had been in contact with any surface that was contaminated outside the home. The most important thing is to remove shoes as soon as you and the attendees enter the house.

    If you touch the same surface that an infected person does, it means touching a contaminated surface. The virus survives on any surface for a few hours up until several days. Therefore, it is important to keep your environment clean and disinfected. It is going to be challenging to manage the detail involved in maintaining these steps. However, it can be done if you stay focused, make practical goals, and be disciplined about maintaining a safe environment for you and your clients. Contact a disinfectant cleaning company and ask about their electrostatic disinfection method of cleaning to eradicate the virus.

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