An EPA-approved antimicrobial surface coating can kill viruses for up to 30 days. An antimicrobial surface coating is a solution that is sprayed as a mist onto surfaces. It can eliminate up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and germs.

The spray solution works with electrostatic disinfection tools. The liquid solution used to create a strong and effective antimicrobial seal has an electrostatic charge. Each droplet of the mist is positively charged after traveling through a uniquely designed nozzle. This is especially important because most surfaces have a negative charge. The mist essentially adheres to surfaces statically.

A Vital Solution
This is a vital solution that can be used in a variety of settings. This includes businesses, homes, and schools. Many products that are available on the market can clean dirt and debris. Although cleanliness can help keep areas free of some bacteria, eliminating viruses can not occur if the solutions being sprayed are not powerful enough to do so. An EPA-approved antimicrobial surface coating can kill viruses, bacteria, and germs for up to 30 days. Taking this step can reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus, flu, and MRSA. Our disinfectant is a liquid solution that is sprayed as a powerful mist that statically adheres to surfaces. Germs can be transmitted from sponges, cloths, and brushes on to the next surface to be cleaned. Our 30-Day Disinfection Service is a service that can be used regularly at offices, gyms, and preschools.

Additionally, a healthy work environment increases productivity. Studies have shown that over 59 million schooldays and over 45 million workdays are lost every year due to the common cold. A viral-less environment is healthier and can cut down these numbers tremendously.

Ongoing Disinfection
Ongoing disinfection can halt the number of bacteria, germs, and viruses found in your home or business. Several benefits derive from constant disinfection. Just cleaning a surface with traditional chemicals may not be enough. A surface may seem clean, but microorganisms, bacteria, and germs can still linger after this step. This includes various viruses that can continue to live on surfaces after dirt and debris have been cleaned. Cleaning surfaces is the 1st and only one step you can take to ensure a safe living or work environment. The utilization of chemicals can be dangerous and may leave behind a dangerous film. Continuous disinfection destroys germs that can cause diseases and eradicates harmful viruses.

Healthier Environment
You can have a healthier and safer work or living environment. Using an EPA-approved antimicrobial surface coating is a significant step. Germs, microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria cannot be seen with bare eyes. This increases subconscious and conscious actions to touch different surfaces that you may feel clean and safe.

This is called direct contact. Direct contact without disinfection means that when a student touches a desk, an employee turns a doorknob, or a family member leans on the kitchen counter; direct contact to viruses may occur. A healthier environment is possible, and you can have a safer living space.

Safe Spray takes strategic steps to ensure that your environment is healthier with an array of services. Electrostatic disinfection can dramatically decrease the chances of contracting bacteria and viruses. Disinfecting your surfaces destroys germs. It is a step that surpasses cleansing and sanitizing alone. Combined with An EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved antimicrobial surface coating, you can rest assured that your surfaces are protected up to 30 days.


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Our Happy

We found ourselves in need of a cleaning company that could provide consistent, professional, effective cleaning. Jan-Serve fit the bill perfectly. The time between our initial call and having Lisa on-site to provide a written quote for services was 24 hours.

The staff that provide services are friendly, hard-working and communicate well. Many of our clients comment on the consistent cleanliness and appearance of our facility. We are so grateful for the service Jan-Serve provides and would recommend them to anyone.

Jennifer K.

I just moved into a new home, and was looking for a deep clean. After reading the numerous reviews from Amy’s and other companies, i took a chance with this company, and am very glad that i did. the 2 ladies that came were professional and friendly, and i thought did a very good job. after they were done, they asked me to check the house to make sure that it was to my liking. there were a couple of missed areas, but it was unintentional, and they were happy to go back to that part of the house.
I would for sure use them again.

Clyde I.

This company is top notch!! I’ve used this service two times now and each time I was absolutely blown away by the professionalism and the quality of the work done. My bathroom shower needed a deep cleaning. It was pretty bad that we considered gutting it and having it replaced. No need!! It looks brand new now! Price is very reasonable also and quality is 5-star. Highly highly recommend!

Cindy B.

We called Safe Spray late Tuesday after finding out one of our warehouse employees in Los Angeles had a family member diagnosed with Covid 19. As a precaution we decided to close and have our distribution center and corporate office sprayed and disinfected. They were super fast at replying to our request, and were able to come out the same day. I checked a few places I found on Google most were over double the price for last minute service, and some just didn’t seem professional. Safe Spray ,came out and did a test , sprayed TWICE!, and did a retest, we were happy to see that their service works. We also signed up for their biweekly service option. Our employees seem very much at ease knowing our facility is safe! Thanks Guys!

Clean Cosmetics LLC, Chatsworth

The Safe Spray team was great! They are are thorough, knowledgeable and reliable. If you want disinfection done right, I highly recommend Safe Spray.

Sara Leon

I don’t normally take the time to write reviews, but I had to for these guys. They made themselves available at the very last second to come spray our clothing distribution facility in Chatsworth. We tried a few companies and they either didn’t pick up, or were not available for a last second emergency call. We’re a small business and day or two closure just as we have finally opened back up would be a back breaker. Thank you for making time and explaining the process and thank you for the great work, and thank you for getting us back open after our little covid breakout scare. Thank you!

Savingshub Sales

Due to COVID-19 our business has been taking extra precautions to keep employees safe. We gave Safe Spray a call and were given a reasonably priced quote instantly! We will continue to use their services during the pandemic.

The Vegan Joint, Culver City

We have approximately 15 working stations, a conference room, pantry and a couple of small offices. We hired Safe Spray to sanitize our office after someone reported a positive COVID19 case in our building. The guys who came out were very knowledgeable, they absolutely know what they’re doing! They used electrostatic spray (which i never heard of before until i talked to the guys at Safe Spray, apparently it’s best sanitizing equipment nowadays!!). They also used this really cool tester that actually shows you the difference before and after the session for extra peace of mind. As a bonus, they also gave out stickers to stick to our door and certificates that we can display in our office. Their service from start to finish is spot on!

Dynamic Merchant Solutions, Canoga Park

Before reopening, we wanted to take every safety precaution we could to ensure the safety of our employees. The team at Safe Spray were very attentive to our needs and explained every step of their process to us in detail. They ran a pretest upon first arriving which showed the level of bacteria present on surfaces. After all areas were disinfected, they ran the test again to be sure the areas were clean. They even left these cards at each workstation.

We will definitely be using their services often. Thank you Safe Spray.

Co/Lab Internet Marketing, Los Angeles
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