Why You Should Consider Getting Electrostatic Disinfection

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    Why You Should Consider Getting Electrostatic Disinfection

    Is your home protected against viruses? There are hundreds of solutions on the market that promise to eliminate bacteria and viruses quickly and effectively. However, many of these chemicals are not safe for your family and pets. Most of these solutions have a toxic mixture of ingredients.

    We can help you drastically reduce the number of chemicals used in your home. Unlike these counterparts, Safe Spray’s electrostatic disinfection solution is 100% safe and 99.99% effective. It is CDC compliant, nontoxic, and our disinfectant is EPA registered.

    Numerous benefits are obtained from using our solution. For example, electrostatic disinfection can help control the spread of coronavirus. This includes controlling influenza, MRSA, and other viruses.

    Safe Spray is a home sanitation company that is equipped to handle your home disinfection needs. When electrostatic disinfection occurs, a mist is sprayed that has positive-charged particles. It is a highly effective solution that adheres to surfaces. This powerful mist can reach gaps and crevasses that most traditional solutions cannot reach.

    How Does Electrostatic Disinfection Really Work?

    The electrostatic disinfection unit holds a solution in a designated reciprocal. The sprayer itself is an integral part of the equipment that helps to charge the liquid before it reaches surfaces. The nozzle has many technologically advanced features that make this happen. The liquid has a positive charge after passing through the sprayer’s nozzle.

    The positive charge creates an effect that produces a mist statically that is attracted to surfaces. Most surfaces have a negative charge. This includes furniture and anything that is made of wood. Other surfaces with a negative charge include but are not limited to silk, acrylic, and rubber. The mist clings to surfaces like a magnet delivering a safe solution that eliminates viruses.

    Is This Choice Safe?

    Electrostatic disinfection is a safe choice, and the reasons are numerous. Did you know that this is an environmentally-friendly choice? Although a variety of solutions can be used, this type of solution utilizes far fewer chemicals. The choice is safe for your family, anyone in your home, and Safe Spray operators. PPE and masks are not required.

    Also, once the application is dry, it is safe for everyone and pets. Electrostatic disinfection helps create an environment within your home that is free of viruses. In contrast, cleaners that contain potent chemicals are not as safe for pets or anyone in your home. Most of the time chemicals leave a film behind after it has dried. Unlike chemicals, electrostatic disinfection does not leave a harmful barrier.

    Why Should You Consider This Solution?

    Why should you consider electrostatic disinfection for your home? It would be best to choose this solution because it works immediately after the application has been sprayed. Our staff is professionally trained and will ensure that each application has been correctly administered from start to finish.

    You can halt cross-contamination of different virus types. This is extremely important. The lifespan of viruses on surfaces can exceed 20 minutes or more. If someone touches a surface with a live virus, that person could become sick. Often, a person who has contracted a virus may remain asymptomatic or display no symptoms.

    If the same surface had been treated with electrostatic disinfection, the chance of contracting a virus would have been extremely low. This is a solution that eliminates bacteria and germs as well. Regular use of electrostatic disinfection is a brilliant choice for higher traffic areas in your home too. This is a faster, efficient, and a safer solution that yields superior results that can be depended upon.

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