Dwell Time Can’t be Ignored

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    Dwell Time Can’t be Ignored

    Too many people act as if cleaning chemicals of all kinds will instantly make a used surface safe again the second that the cleaner makes any contact with that surface. Unfortunately, the chemistry involved is much more complicated than that. People might have to wait longer than they expected, thanks to a cleaning principle known as dwell time.

    Many people call the principle ‘contact time,’ which also illustrates the issue in these situations. A cleaning chemical cannot just be applied to a surface and then wiped away as if it was never there. This chemical is working to kill the virus, and it needs some time to do so. That also means that the given cleaning material also must be wet.

    If the surface is dried off much too quickly, the chemicals’ cleaning action will be disrupted significantly. People may only remove some of the viruses, if any.

    These cleaning materials create slick surfaces, and people are supposed to wipe all of the dead microorganisms away as a portion of the procedure. Therefore, the cleaning chemicals will do at least something. Still, if few of the microorganisms have even died at all, a cleaning sheet might just spread around some more of them temporarily. The viral particles need to be dead, and the cleaning chemicals need enough time to kill them.

    The situation will worsen when people consider that cleaning materials vary regarding their overall average contact time ratings. People might decide to swap one cleaning product for another as they start to use more.

    Some stores might not have the usual cleaning chemicals that they use, so they might have to pick something that they have less experience with in general. That might also mean having different expectations regarding the contact time associated with the cleaning product. Unfortunately, the contact time rating variations really can feel like they’re substantial to many people.

    Many disinfecting chemicals only have a contact time rating of thirty seconds. However, when people time it out, they will find that a thirty-second period can feel like a relatively long time. It’s also true that a lot of cleaning products have even longer contact time ratings than that.

    Some of them may even have contact time ratings of three minutes or so. A lot of others must be left on surfaces for a full minute. While that might not seem like an especially large amount of time in the abstract, the people who are already spending enormous portions of their days cleaning buildings might find it exhausting to have to account for a type of cleaner’s contact time.

    People who have to switch from one household cleaner to another continually will find it tough to keep track of all of the contact time ratings, which might not be perfectly accurate. They might feel like they’re struggling even more to get different spaces clean and keep them that way.

    Fortunately, electrostatic disinfection products from Safe Spray are also available. People can use these products to reduce the contact time involved with these modern cleaning processes. The electrostatic disinfection procedure works very rapidly, and the microorganisms die almost instantly. People won’t find themselves waiting to make sure that the viral material is dead. They’ll know that it was killed almost immediately. People could end up saving themselves over an hour of cleaning time as the days progress.

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