Disinfecting Vs Cleaning – Which is Better?

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    Disinfecting Vs Cleaning – Which is Better?

    Keeping your family safe and healthy is incredibly important. However, with so many products available to you and all of them claiming to be the best, it can be challenging to figure out precisely what your best option is in Disinfecting Vs Cleaning. One of those fundamental distinctions to make is whether you should disinfect your home or clean it. So, what is the difference between the two? Which one is better for your home and family?


    What is Disinfecting?

    Disinfecting refers superficially to the use of disinfectants when trying to eliminate germs. Disinfectants are different chemicals that can be used to kill off different germs and viruses that can potentially harm your home and family. Bleach is probably the best-known disinfectant and is one that is found in most homes. Like any other disinfectant, Bleach is something that you have to be careful with when you use, as these chemicals are potentially harmful if misused. These safety precautions generally include keeping disinfectants out of the reach of children and avoiding direct contact with your skin when you use them.

    Most disinfectants take time to be effective. This means that you will typically leave them on the surface for a set period of time once they’re applied. Then, depending on the disinfectant, you may or may not have to wipe down the area that you used the disinfectant on. It’s important to remember that disinfectant is designed to kill bacteria, not necessarily clean a surface.

    Among the most important surfaces in your home to disinfect are countertops, doorknobs, faucets, bathtubs, toilets, and any other commonly touched surface.


    What is Cleaning?

    Most people use cleaning as a broad term that encompasses things like disinfecting your home. This isn’t exactly correct, however. Cleaning is when you are physically moving dirt, dust, and other particles from your home. One common, fundamental way to clean is by sweeping and vacuuming your home. This collects dander, dirt, and duster, taking it off of surfaces, but does not, however, truly disinfect your home. There is a chance that some of those germs are removed in the cleaning process.

    Just like disinfectants, there are cleaning products and chemicals that can be used. The key difference in these chemicals is that they’re not designed to kill germs or bacteria. Instead, they’re designed to make those things easier to remove. There are still potential hazards to using cleaners, as is the case with any other chemical, which means they need to be used carefully and only as directed. Using cleaning products is still essential for many surfaces. For instance, fabric cleaners are very important to get stains and other things like that out of couches and carpet.

    You’d commonly use cleaner on just about everything that you use disinfectant on, plus surfaces like floors and different fabrics.


    Is Disinfecting or Cleaning More Effective?

    The truth behind disinfecting and cleaning is that they’re best if used together in unison. This means that you would clean the surfaces in your home to remove dirt and as many germs as possible before then using the disinfectant. That disinfectant would then kill any remaining germs on the surfaces throughout your home, not allowing them to spread or reproduce, though it won’t actually do any further cleaning.

    Which one is better overall Disinfecting Vs Cleaning is truly dependent on your goal? If you need to get a coffee stain out of a counter, then disinfectant isn’t going to help you. On the other hand, if your goal is to kill germs and keep your family healthy, cleaning products will not help.

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