BIOFILM: Why Cleaning Doesn’t Remove It

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    BIOFILM: Why Cleaning Doesn’t Remove It

    Now more than ever, it becomes all the more important to keep surfaces clean and hygienic. While there are many different methods for many different products available for use, there are some instances when simple cleaning just wouldn’t cut it.
    For example, dealing with biofilm will require more than just a simple cleaning routine. That’s because biofilm is not composed of dirt and grime. Here’s a closer look at biofilm and what you should instead be doing to deal with it.

    Introducing the Biofilm
    Biofilm refers to the accumulated microorganisms clumped together and on top of surfaces. While they could quietly sit there, it’s also very easy for them to enter the body and cause problems, especially for those who may be immunocompromised.

    Biofilm can exist just about anywhere, even on rock surfaces. It could be on your kitchen counter too, for all you know, if you’re not too keen on keeping it tidy and clean. Scratches, open cuts, and wounds, in general, are common entry points of bacteria. The trouble with biofilm is that there is already a community of bacteria thriving in it.

    Once it gets into the body, there is a higher likelihood that it’s going to multiply further. Bacterial infections can then spread through the blood, bone, or even soft tissue. Those with implanted material in their body have an increased risk of hosting bacteria in their system because it becomes the perfect breeding ground, apart from the organs.

    Protection Against Biofilm
    Unfortunately, unlike other types of bacteria, biofilm is notoriously difficult to eliminate. This is mainly because of its inherent structure of being a protective encasing for the communities of bacteria living in it. As such, even potent chemical agents and antibiotics fail at combating them. Because of this, it seems almost impossible to get rid of biofilm. Failure to eliminate this can quickly become a threat to your health your overall environment.

    The operative term there, however, is “almost.” With the right solutions and disinfection method, there is a way to safely and efficiently deal with biofilm.

    Safe Spray Provides the Safe Spray Solution Against Biofilm
    Safe Spray uses Electrostatic spraying technology, which quickly disinfects exposed surfaces. Because it’s not your run-of-the-mill household disinfectant, the EPA-registered, hospital-grade solution is guaranteed to remove as much as 99% of bacteria.

    • Effective cleaning starts with a thorough assessment.
    • An inclusive testing system is comprehensive and complete, both in pre and post-tests, for more accurate results.
    • Treatment strategy based on assessment and treatment results.
    • The three-step process to eliminate the bacteria, starting from cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, disinfecting, and finally sealing the clean with a micro shield.
    • The revolutionary spray and go system goes in and around tough to reach areas, so your items remain unmoved or altered in position.
    • Proper protective gear will be worn at all times by the sprayers.

    New Technology for A Safer Environment
    Safe Spray uses electrostatic disinfection to maximize safer and healthier conditions for your home, offices, warehouse, storage, factory, kitchen, or whatever other environments you may have. Wherever you may be, you can rest assured about being exposed to bacteria, fungus, virus, or biofilm.

    A safe Electro Safe service is great for your space because it provides thorough disinfection to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria and further adds a probiotic solution that seals in the disinfectant. This active shield, which actively keeps surface microbes away, helps extend the protection by 30 days more.

    Get A Thorough Disinfection to Eliminate Biofilm
    When it comes to getting rid of biofilm, do more than merely cleaning the traditional way. Use a stronger approach to eliminate threats that can be tough to your health. Get protection from Safe Spray, contact us about our electrostatic disinfection and a lasting antimicrobial shield services.

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