Benefits of Disinfecting with Electrostatic Sprayers

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    Benefits of Disinfecting with Electrostatic Sprayers

    Electrostatic spraying is a new and innovative cleaning process that delivers a higher level of sanitation and more coverage to hard-to-reach areas thus limiting potential illnesses and germs. As businesses prepare to reopen, ensuring common and work areas are disinfected is crucial to keeping employees safe and ensuring the company’s continued operation. Most buildings and other high-traffic facilities are prioritizing safety. Before entering the building, it is helpful to understand how electrostatic spraying works and its benefits.

    How Does it Work?

    Electrostatic spraying breaks down disinfecting agents into individual droplets then adds an electric charge. The electric charge attracts droplet to every surface so if you spray a railing, the droplets will cling to the underside of the rail, which is a difficult area to clean. While spritzer bottles and foggers are effective, they often miss certain areas or are applied unevenly.

    On the other hand, electrostatic spray distributes the cleaning agent evenly, regardless of the surface shape and type. This includes inside of vents, fans, entire pieces of furniture, and the underside of desks and tables. Studies have proven that the electrostatic cleaning process kills bacteria ranging from MRSA and norovirus to the simple cold and flu.

    Benefits of Electrostatic Spraying

    Now that you understand the process, the benefits of this cleaning process are immense, including:

    Application is Consistent

    Compared to traditional cleaning, electrostatic spray delivers a more consistent application without disruption to papers, surfaces, and existing areas to ensure a quick bacterium kill time without leaving trails of residue. Ensuring a consistent application is paramount to keeping employees safe, especially in high touch and high traffic areas.


    Electrostatic spraying can save you money on the regular cleaning service. Since this disinfecting method utilizes less cleaning solution and is faster than standard cleaning options, you save money on the material and labor of the process.

    Cover an Entire Surface

    As mentioned, one of the greatest benefits is the ability of electrostatic spraying to cover entire surface areas to ensure no spot is missed. Best of all, it takes less time to cover all areas than a standard cleaning, which means less labor, because the particles are charged and automatically adhere to surfaces. A typical electrostatic sprayer covers up to 15,000-square-feet per hour while using fewer solutions and reaching more areas of your business.

    Disinfectants are CDC, EPA, and OSHA Compliant

    The Center for Disease Control, Environmental Protection Agency, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration have all approved the disinfecting agents. That means disinfecting a building or office effectively kills bacteria without impacting the local environment and keeps workers safe during and after the electrostatic spraying process.

    The Agents Can Be Applied to Sensitive Equipment

    In offices and other business facilities, there is countless sensitive electronic equipment. From computers, keyboards, and mice to phones, copiers, and fax machines, an electrostatic disinfectant can be applied to all electronic equipment with the fear of causing damage.

    The Solution is Self-Drying

    Even when having a large surface area to cover, the solution dries quickly because it is self-drying. There is no need to turn on multiple fans to dry the area overnight. The disinfecting agent requires you to spray and leave it alone.

    Workplaces in all industries will benefit from electrostatic cleaning as an occasional deep clean or regular cleaning routine. While the initial investment may seem expensive, it is more cost-effective due to cleaning speed compared to traditional cleaners. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the public has its eye on maintaining good hygiene and cleaning processes now more than ever. Electrostatic cleaning delivers an innovative, cutting-edge solution to keep you and your employees safe!

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