Back to School: Coronavirus Disinfection & Prevention

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    Back to School: Coronavirus Disinfection & Prevention

    Many children are in isolation as they try to cope with the pandemic and their school work. Parents and educators should work together to ensure that both their homes and schools are disinfected and safe for the children.

    The Importance of School
    Schools provide more than academic studies for children and adolescents. In addition to reading, writing, and math, students learn social and emotional skills, exercise, and have access to mental health and other services that cannot be provided through online learning. For many children and teens, a school is where children remain safe while parents or guardians work. For many families, school is where children receive healthy meals, access the Internet, and other vital services.

    The Janitor
    There should be several janitors at school to handle the disinfectant of chairs, tables, and areas where children will congregate. Before the pandemic, kids at school had one or two janitors that worked to keep the school clean. Most of the janitors worked at night while school is closed. However, in the pandemic, it is essential to have at least one janitor during the school day to wipe down areas in the bathroom, kitchen, library, playroom, and other areas. The school can hire disinfection cleaning companies to come in and do a thorough cleaning regularly.

    Maintaining Safe Guidelines
    As some kids get ready to go back to school and as the time will come for all of them, adults should be prepared. While kids are in school, social distancing should still be required. Facial masks should be mandatory. Children should have close contact and touch. If a child uses a laptop during lab time or computer time, the teacher should have a way to disinfect the chair and work area every time a child leaves.

    Avoid Face Touching
    Don’t touch your face. If you touch a surface contaminated with the virus and then put your hands to our eyes, nose, or mouth, you introduce the virus into your body. Therefore, it is very important not to touch your face. If you wear disposable gloves when you go out, you will prevent your hands’ skin from coming into contact with potentially contaminated surfaces or objects. However, it is essential to remember that you should touch your face with gloves after touching something contaminated with the virus. You can become infected in the same way as if you did not wear them.

    Making Changes
    Rather than have the students go from one class to the other and congregate in the hallways as they change to go to another class, why not let the teachers meet the students in their next classroom? This would limit contact while kids are switching classes. Students could also have lunch inside the last classroom before lunchtime. The dining room should be restricted to a certain number of students during an allotted time and rotate. Open up the classroom doors so that there is no touching of doorknobs or other surfaces.

    With all these cleaning tips against the coronavirus, school administrators and parents at home have to ensure that its spreading is prevented. If you also teach children from an early age the importance of washing their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before eating. This time, it is even more urgent. You should also take other steps to keep our home safe from the virus, such as hiring a home sanitization company to use the innovative technique, which is said to eliminate viruses from your home. It is called electrostatic disinfection and has earned its reputation of giving successful outcomes. This should be done in both the school and the home of every child. Contact a disinfectant cleaning company to apply their electrostatic disinfection technique so all classrooms and offices can be totally cleaned to get rid of the virus.

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