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    ATP Testing & Disinfection

    Let it be a business office, an institutional premise, or your home. Cleanliness and hygiene make our life better and safer. But the problem is, even after cleaning, we cannot see or measure any bacteria or other microbes present on the surface. That means we do not know how effective our cleaning process has been.

    So, human civilization came up with a solution to measure the cleanliness of a surface. ATP for hygiene monitoring is an effective tool to measure the potential risk posed by the presence of high levels of organic residues, including microorganisms.

    What is ATP testing?

    ATP testing is widely used in the food industry to check if a surface is ready for food distribution. However, the efficient testing method has made its way to several sectors. Adenosine triphosphate is an energy molecule present in all living things. When you test the presence of ATP on a surface, it indicates the growth or presence of microorganisms on it.

    Why Do We Need To Verify Cleaning?

    A clean appearing surface does not guarantee that it is free of contamination and harmful microbes. If a food product is going to contact the surface, it becomes crucial to eliminate any risk of contamination from it. Hence you need to verify the cleanliness of the surface with an ATP test. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, one needs to be more careful about surface hygiene and cleanliness.

    How Does ATP Testing Work?

    First, you need to identify which surface to test. You want to test a surface that is more likely contaminated. It can be a high touch area or any surface, usually missed during routine leaning.

    Once you know which surface to test, you can get the required equipment or call a professional from

    Advantages of ATP testing

    ATP testing can identify microorganisms and food residue beyond human’s naked eyes. While microorganisms can harm you directly, food residue may help microorganisms to grow.

    ATP testing provides quick and easy quantitative information to understand if your cleaning practices are working or not. Depending on the results, it can suggest any required changes to your cleaning procedures for better hygiene.

    What Are The ATP Test Standards?

    When you have got your ATP test results, what comes next? Well, it depends on your standard of cleanliness. For a food surface, a score of more than ten (10) is considered dirty. It is unlikely for the pathogens to grow in facilities like senior living, school, or office spaces when the score is below 30. An ATP score of 100 or greater indicates the presence of harmful bacteria on the surface.

    How Do You Lower ATP Test Scores?

    The easiest way to lower ATP test results is by implementing proper cleaning practices. Clean your surfaces with reliable cleaning products to eliminate any biofilm. A biofilm is an invisible cluster of pathogens like viruses and bacteria that remain on a surface even after routine cleaning.

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