What You Should Know About Deep Cleaning

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    What You Should Know About Deep Cleaning

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, deep cleaning and disinfecting have become a regular part of residential and commercial spaces. According to a data from the American Cleaning Institute’s latest National Cleaning Survey, 55% of Americans say they have been cleaning more than usual thanks to COVID. In comparison, more than 60% said they planned to deep clean as part of their regular Spring-cleaning process.

    At the same time, it has become routine over the last year for us to see businesses close earlier to deep clean their space when a member of their team has come down with COVID or when they want to take extra precautions to keep their customers and clients safe.

    As we move forward, we at Safe Sprayexpect to see this attention to deep cleaning and disinfecting continue — and it will be for more than just effectively keeping the coronavirus at bay. More and more, customers and employees will expect organizations to prioritize their health and wellness by deep cleaning for any pathogen that could potentially make them ill.

    To make sure you understand what deep cleaning is, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions.
    What is deep cleaning?
    A deep clean is an organized and detailed clean to reduce germs and control the spread of infection. It is a process that is beneficial for both commercial and residential spaces.

    How can I best deep clean my home?
    We have all spent a lot of time over the last year deep cleaning our home, and the process can be taxing. To make it more manageable, we recommend keeping the following tips and tricks in mind:

    • Make sure you’re prepared. There is nothing more frustrating than embarking on a deep clean of your house only to realize you don’t have the products on hand you need to get the job done. It’s the surest way to lose all motivation and procrastinate getting the job done.
    • Create a checklist. As you get into the cleaning process, it can be easy to forget what you’ve cleaned and what you haven’t. Creating a checklist to follow will help keep things moving along. The checklist can also help you remember to deep clean or disinfect the often forgotten spaces such as the washer and dryer (the knobs and buttons on these appliances are high-touch surfaces), the trash cans, and the exterior doorknobs (just because you are not looking at them doesn’t mean you don’t need to disinfect them).
    • Don’t try to do it all in one day. Break the deep cleaning process down into small, manageable tasks. Tackle all the bathrooms one day, all the doorknobs another, and the kitchen the next.
    • Deep clean and disinfect as you go. Keep a supply of disinfectant products readily available so that you can wipe down surfaces as you and your family use them.

    What is the best way to approach deep cleaning my business?
    When it comes to disinfecting a space, the Cleveland Clinic recommends that businesses think about it as the following three steps:

    Plan: Determine what needs to be disinfected, keeping in mind that not all areas and surfaces need the same amount of attention. High-touch areas — sinks, doorknobs, common spaces — will need the most thorough disinfecting work.

    As part of this planning process, you will also need to decide how you will deep clean and disinfect the space. That could mean bringing in the proper chemicals and equipment, working with your employees to ensure they understand how spaces should be deep cleaned and disinfected, and providing a checklist to ensure all your areas and surfaces are taken care of. Or it could mean calling in a professional like Spray Safe to take care of the disinfecting for you.

    Implement: Once you have your disinfecting and deep cleaning plan worked out, you will need to implement it.

    Maintain: Deep cleaning and disinfecting isn’t a one-time job, especially if your space is high-traffic or high-touch. You will need to come up with a routine to ensure these steps are maintained.

    Let Safe Spray help you with the deep clean process.

    If you want to ensure your commercial space has been effectively deep cleaned and disinfected according to CDC and EPA guidelines, call the experts at Safe Spray.

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