The Most Unsanitary Places in Your Office  

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    The Most Unsanitary Places in Your Office  

    Are you wondering what the most unsanitary places in your office are? In this blog, we highlight five of the areas that are likely to accumulate germs in your office.
    But before we dive in, first things first:
    What do scientists say about germs lurking in our office spaces?
    Scientists have been warning us about germs in our offices for quite some time. A U.S. study found out that your phone is the most contaminated item in the office. According to Dr. Charles P Gerba from the University of Arizona, there are at least 25,000 organisms per surface. Some of those organisms can be found in your office.
    There are at least 10 million bacteria on your desk, which means your desk alone is 400 times likely to be dirtier than the average toilet seat. Let’s take a close look at some office items or places that are likely to accumulate germs:
    1. Door Handles
    It comes as no surprise that your door handles will have germs. Every employee, guest, or visitor will touch a door handle before coming inside. Door handles of the following rooms are likely to have germs:

    • The door handles of male and female bathrooms.
    • The door handles of a consultant’s office especially are touched by many hands per day.
    • The door handles to a kitchen.
    • The door handle to a reception room.

    To avoid leaving germs on your door handles, always encourage your team members to sanitize or wash their hands. You can also wipe your door handles after every few hours to ensure that there are no germs there.
    2. Desk
    Another area that is likely to have more germs in your office desk. And there is a good reason for this. Your desk is where you’d typically spend eight to nine hours working. You will touch a lot of items. When you sneeze, bacteria and viruses will spread across your desk. Hence, your desk will likely have more germs than a toilet seat. So your desk needs to be clean all the time.
    3. Keyboard
    Now let’s look at some items on your desk. We will start with your keyboard. You are probably touching your keyboard as you are reading this. If you’re feeling fluey, you are likely to sneeze on it. When you speak on your phone, you inadvertently spit on it.
    It’s time to have a snack. Guess which item you will touch first after picking on a snack? A keyboard. So when you call it a day, chances are you will leave tons of germs on your desk and take some with you.
    4. Telephone
    Then there is a telephone that everyone has to use to speak to clients, potential clients, etc. It rings randomly, and when you pick it up, there is no time to wash your hands before touching it. If you are on a long call, a telephone receiver will be in your ear for too long, leaving or taking germs from you. The best way to avoid spreading germs with your telephone is to wipe it clean every time you use it. This way, the next time your telephone rings, it will be free from any germs.
    5. Elevator
    One last place when you are likely to find germs is your elevator. In most cases, germs will be on the buttons that everyone presses when they want to go up or down. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to see germs with your naked eyes. But even if the buttons, germs, or viruses are there. You can easily transport them to your cubicle, desk, keyboard, kitchen. Before you know it, everyone in the office will be coming down with an illness that no one knows where it comes from. Again, the best way to keep everyone safe is to maintain a high level of hygiene in your office.

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