Preventative Disinfection Services

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    Preventative Disinfection Services

    A lot has changed in the past year. In 2020 the entire world became acutely aware of how disease is transmitted and how important proper sanitation really is. There’s nothing quite like staring down the barrel of a global pandemic to make you appreciate thorough cleaning and preventative disinfection.

    And that is precisely why you need to know what preventative disinfection is and what it (should) means to you.

    How Clean is Clean?

    You have the latest and greatest, top of the line cleaners and disinfectants. They clean quite nicely – really cut the grease. And let’s just be honest here: they smell pretty great too, right? But pretty scents don’t mean it’s clean, really, deep down, germ-free clean.

    Sure, standard disinfectants do a nice job with surface cleaning and even getting in there to kill a lot of bacteria and viruses. You might feel safe, but there is something else lurking that those products just can’t touch.

    Biofilm – The Silent Enemy

    Disinfectants can do a lot of good, there’s no argument here. But once you have applied the product and let it sit for a time so it can do what it needs to do, the story isn’t over. Sure, you have disaffected the specified pathogens in that area, but what if it wasn’t enough?

    Under all that you’ve cleaned away, there’s still something left, a film – biofilm. This thin film, or layers of film, is slimy and slightly tacky so that it adheres to wet surfaces. These layers contain microorganisms that stick together and are believed to cause as much as 80% of infections.

    Common cleaners don’t touch it. In fact, many industrial cleaners are not effective against biofilm. If you want to truly eliminate it and ensure your surface is truly clean, it takes a special process with special products.

    What is Preventative Disinfection?

    The short answer is preventative disinfection is a complete deep clean down to the microbiological level. It even goes deeper than the popular go-to disinfectant, bleach. That’s right, bleach doesn’t even touch biofilm.

    So preventative disinfection gets down in there, cutting through the layers of grime and destroys the biofilm so the surface is totally sanitized.

    That is what we do. When you call us, we will get in there and clean every surface, digging deep to clean at the molecular level. What you get are clean surfaces, sanitized, and disinfected, cutting down dramatically on disease and illness.

    Even COVID-19.

    When you need a deep clean, preventative disinfecting, that you can trust, call Safe Spray. We’ll inspect the area and explain what we are going to do. Then we’ll get to work providing our preventative disinfection services, giving you the peace of mind that your space is truly clean. No biofilm, no junk, just clean. Call today.

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