Keeping Your Restaurant Clean with Safe Spray

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    Keeping Your Restaurant Clean with Safe Spray

    With strict regulations and standards in the industry, restaurants remain the most regularly cleaned public spaces. However, now more than ever, especially with the challenges of the COVID-19, we must take our game a notch higher to ensure everyone’s safety. The best way to keep all surfaces clean and customers safe from pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and even fungi is by disinfecting using an effective process.

    Why restaurants need electrostatic disinfection

    In a nutshell, restaurants need electrostatic disinfection to keep all surfaces free of disease-causing germs, including COVID-19, influenza, H1N1, Norovirus, and many others.

    Cleaning restaurants all the time is an essential need considering the frequency of visitors. In these times, it’s vital always to have plans of eliminating any developing germs. You can achieve this effect through the electrostatic disinfection process.

    Although several restaurants temporarily eliminated indoor dining and have resorted to pickup and delivery services, restaurant disinfection has become even more challenging. Areas for food storage, food preparation, and kitchen stations still need to be germ-free environments for employees. On the other hand, areas such as counters, tables, chairs, sinks, and the door handle also need to be disinfected to lower the spread of the COVID-19 virus and other pathogens. It’s also crucial to focus more on high-touch surfaces and spaces occupied by children.

    How to clean and disinfect

    First, you need to identify what needs to be disinfected. Outdoor areas and places visited frequently should be given priority when doing the disinfection. Regions that are unoccupied for seven days or more only need routine cleaning. Moreover, the frequency of touch and access should determine the level of disinfection required.

    Identifying the areas needing disinfection will also inform the amount of disinfecting spray required.

    Use approved disinfecting products

    When it comes to keeping your restaurant surfaces clean, the cleaning products and equipment’s availability are very vital considerations. You should always ensure that you have personal protective equipment (PPE) and the necessary cleaning products to get the job done.

    A good disinfectant or cleaning product should be EPA or CDC-approved and ensure humans and the environment’s safety. Also, make sure that you read labels to check that the product meets your needs.

    Before you begin disinfecting, take time to read the product label for guidance on how to disinfect your restaurant surfaces effectively. Some standard directions include:

    • Pre-clean the surface.
    • Keep the surface moist with the disinfectant for a given period.
    • Wear some protection to avoid contact with skin.
    • Ensure good ventilation.
    • Use only the recommended amount on the label.
    • Water used for dilution should be at room temperature.
    • Keep chemicals away from pets and children.
    • Do not mix chemicals.
    • Label all diluted disinfectant bottles to avoid confusion.

    Cleaning and disinfecting outdoor areas

    Outdoor areas generally require a regular cleaning routine. Sites that are easily touched, made of plastics or metals such as play structures, grab bars, doorknobs, handles, push plates, toilet flush levers, and railing, should be cleaned consistently. Disinfectants sprayed in restaurants should be left to dry before being touched.

    With many restaurants introducing outdoor dining to control the spread of the virus, outdoor areas that were rarely cleaned thoroughly may now need more attention. However, disinfection of wood surfaces such as benches, tables, play structures, and ground covering such as sand and mulch is not recommended for disinfection.

    Final word:

    The safety of your restaurant is your responsibility. Always follow the standard regulation provided by relevant agencies such as the CDC. Let your employees know and embrace the importance of keeping surfaces germ-free.

    If you need a reputable disinfecting company, Safe Spray will be there to help. For more information on disinfecting your surfaces, check out our website or call us today at 1-855-SPRAYUS or (855) 777-2987 for your estimate.

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