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As we head into the winter months, many preeminent healthcare experts have warned that we could be heading into a second surge of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is terrifying news for anyone with a compromised immune system or anyone close to someone with compromised immunity. What’s more, pressure on the economy caused by lock-down measures has made it clear that staying closed for business cannot go on indefinitely. This goes double for schools. Our economy cannot endure further delays in delivering competent, trained, and educated new members of the workforce. More pressing still is the need for students of all ages for socialization, in-person tutelage, and hands-on experience in their study fields.

As an academic leader, you have a responsibility to protect your staff, students, parents, visitors, and everyone who may contact your institution, even tangentially. The good news is that there are more solutions now than ever, and Safe Spray has an innovative sanitation technology that makes all existing solutions even stronger.

Protecting Your Students & Staff from COVID-19
By now, you’re well familiar with the current measures being employed to slow the virus’s spread and, hopefully, to save lives. These include social distancing; people remaining apart five to six feet and refrain from unnecessary physical contact in public places, especially between household members. They also have mask-wearing hoping that an air-permeable barrier might catch some of the particles carrying the virus. Good personal hygiene is another critical component of the effort to slow the spread. Washing hands regularly and daily bathing have always been among the top recommendations for avoiding viruses. Finally, they also include using good judgment when we feel sick or unwell, staying at home, and preventing the risk of infecting others with the dreaded virus.

But, of course, none of these measures are perfect. The virus can live on surfaces for days, remaining viable long enough to all but guarantee that someone will come into contact with it. Microscopic pathogens are small enough to easily slip through any fabric mask that can be comfortably breathed through. The only thing that can stop a virus is a healthy immune system. But we want to prevent the transmission of the virus to those with compromised immunity.

That’s why Safe Spray developed its powerful electrostatic disinfection spray services. The electrostatic disinfectant spray fills in the gaps where all other precautions fall short. It kills pathogens of all kinds lying in wait on surfaces. The electrostatic disinfectant spray is magnetically attracted to negatively charged surfaces. Positively charged particles magnetically repel it.

The Advantages of Safe Spray’s Electrostatic Disinfectant
Incorporating anti-pathogenic compounds into a spray is simple. We have been doing it for years. Products can be prepared with nearly any type of disinfectant. An ordinary disinfectant spray can pool up, which is wasteful, and they can be rendered useless by wind, heat, or contact. Because the electrostatic disinfectant spray is magnetically drawn to surfaces, it stays in place. What’s more, the fact that positively charged particles repel it means that it will resist pooling up, saving you and your staff time and money.

Safe Spray’s electrostatic disinfectant solution wraps around objects, making it possible to spray all angles of an object or surface with ease. This enables you to thoroughly sanitize any classroom, office, bathroom, or other areas in minutes.

When your students and staff come back to school, show them, their parents, and your peers that you take health and safety seriously with Safe Spray’s electrostatic disinfectant solution.

Our Happy

We found ourselves in need of a cleaning company that could provide consistent, professional, effective cleaning. Jan-Serve fit the bill perfectly. The time between our initial call and having Lisa on-site to provide a written quote for services was 24 hours.

The staff that provide services are friendly, hard-working and communicate well. Many of our clients comment on the consistent cleanliness and appearance of our facility. We are so grateful for the service Jan-Serve provides and would recommend them to anyone.

Jennifer K.

I just moved into a new home, and was looking for a deep clean. After reading the numerous reviews from Amy’s and other companies, i took a chance with this company, and am very glad that i did. the 2 ladies that came were professional and friendly, and i thought did a very good job. after they were done, they asked me to check the house to make sure that it was to my liking. there were a couple of missed areas, but it was unintentional, and they were happy to go back to that part of the house.
I would for sure use them again.

Clyde I.

This company is top notch!! I’ve used this service two times now and each time I was absolutely blown away by the professionalism and the quality of the work done. My bathroom shower needed a deep cleaning. It was pretty bad that we considered gutting it and having it replaced. No need!! It looks brand new now! Price is very reasonable also and quality is 5-star. Highly highly recommend!

Cindy B.

We called Safe Spray late Tuesday after finding out one of our warehouse employees in Los Angeles had a family member diagnosed with Covid 19. As a precaution we decided to close and have our distribution center and corporate office sprayed and disinfected. They were super fast at replying to our request, and were able to come out the same day. I checked a few places I found on Google most were over double the price for last minute service, and some just didn’t seem professional. Safe Spray ,came out and did a test , sprayed TWICE!, and did a retest, we were happy to see that their service works. We also signed up for their biweekly service option. Our employees seem very much at ease knowing our facility is safe! Thanks Guys!

Clean Cosmetics LLC, Chatsworth

The Safe Spray team was great! They are are thorough, knowledgeable and reliable. If you want disinfection done right, I highly recommend Safe Spray.

Sara Leon

I don’t normally take the time to write reviews, but I had to for these guys. They made themselves available at the very last second to come spray our clothing distribution facility in Chatsworth. We tried a few companies and they either didn’t pick up, or were not available for a last second emergency call. We’re a small business and day or two closure just as we have finally opened back up would be a back breaker. Thank you for making time and explaining the process and thank you for the great work, and thank you for getting us back open after our little covid breakout scare. Thank you!

Savingshub Sales

Due to COVID-19 our business has been taking extra precautions to keep employees safe. We gave Safe Spray a call and were given a reasonably priced quote instantly! We will continue to use their services during the pandemic.

The Vegan Joint, Culver City

We have approximately 15 working stations, a conference room, pantry and a couple of small offices. We hired Safe Spray to sanitize our office after someone reported a positive COVID19 case in our building. The guys who came out were very knowledgeable, they absolutely know what they’re doing! They used electrostatic spray (which i never heard of before until i talked to the guys at Safe Spray, apparently it’s best sanitizing equipment nowadays!!). They also used this really cool tester that actually shows you the difference before and after the session for extra peace of mind. As a bonus, they also gave out stickers to stick to our door and certificates that we can display in our office. Their service from start to finish is spot on!

Dynamic Merchant Solutions, Canoga Park

Before reopening, we wanted to take every safety precaution we could to ensure the safety of our employees. The team at Safe Spray were very attentive to our needs and explained every step of their process to us in detail. They ran a pretest upon first arriving which showed the level of bacteria present on surfaces. After all areas were disinfected, they ran the test again to be sure the areas were clean. They even left these cards at each workstation.

We will definitely be using their services often. Thank you Safe Spray.

Co/Lab Internet Marketing, Los Angeles

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