Keep COVID-19 Out of Your Home

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    Keep COVID-19 Out of Your Home

    Although research is being conducted on the COVID-19 virus, it is safe to say that it can be transmitted by direct contact with others who have been infected. If a COVID-19 infected person sneezes or coughs on you, it is possible that you can become infected with the virus. In some cases, people who have the virus don’t even know that they don’t yet have symptoms. Take extreme precautionary measures if you have to, mostly daily. If you cannot do so, then hire a home disinfection company to help you clean frequently touched areas of the home.

    Protect Your Home and Family
    When you go out on the street, whether at work, shopping, or walking the dog, you run the risk of touching a surface that may be contaminated. To eliminate any risk of contagion from covid-19, a series of practices must be carried out as soon as you get home to guarantee that the virus does not penetrate your home. During flu season, you and your family members will have peace of mind, if you know that your home is safe from COVID with the use of home disinfectant cleaning

    The Daily Routine
    Every home member should practice specific safety measures such as removing their shows upon entering the home, changing their clothes, and immediately washing their hands. Many experts recommend a shower when you return from work or from places where you have been in contact with people. Place clothes in the washing machine that could be infected. This is part of the home disinfection routine that you should go through every day. Get accustomed to it.

    Glove Disposal
    You should properly dispose of gloves that you use. All gloves and face masks should be disposed of, preferably in a garbage can with a lid that can be opened with a pedal. Removing gloves correctly is important to avoid contaminating your hands. Bear in mind that bare hands should never touch the outside of a used glove.

    Taking Off the Gloves
    When removing gloves, be sure to pinch the left hand’s glove with the gloved right hand on the palm, a few centimeters from the wrist. Without stopping, pinch with the index fingers and thumb by placing the middle finger in the form of a hook and using it to pull the left hand’s glove, which will come off the other way around. Hold this glove between the fingers and the right palm. Then, place the left hand, already without a glove, in the glove of the right hand at the wrist and push towards the fingers until it comes off. Next, you wash your hands.

    Pay Attention to Food You Purchase
    It is also essential to keep the food that you are going to eat daily in perfect condition. Although many of them come packaged from the supermarket, fresh products are the ones you should pay the most attention to, since they have been exposed to different buyers. You do not want the kids to open the refrigerator and take out an apple, only to find out later that it was contaminated.

    Wash Fruits and Vegetables
    The recommendation is to place fresh products such as fruits and vegetables on a plate and wash them thoroughly with water (it does not matter whether it is hot or cold). You can leave them to dry in the open air. They should not be dried with a traditional kitchen towel as they are excellent sources of bacteria. As for the supermarket containers that are canned products, you should clean them with a disinfectant before opening and consuming their content or storing them in the pantry. Always wash your hands with plenty of soap and water or an alcohol-based disinfectant after completing these steps.

    Preparing Food at Home
    To protect your family and keep them safe, here are some beneficial cleaning and food hygiene tips:

    • Wash your hands before cooking.
    • Use separate tables for meat and fish, preferably ones not made of wood.
    • Cook food at a high temperature.
    • Freeze the fish to avoid possible parasites and keep those that need it refrigerated.

    Using Bleach
    Clean with bleach. The virus’s outer layer is a lipid layer, which means that you can clean with diluted bleach or soap and water. Those are the products to use if you are doing it yourself. You should not use anything else. To disinfect the floors and other surfaces, you must mix bleach with water and use one-part bleach for every ten water parts. However, you can find various disinfection cleaning companies that offer something better: the electrostatic disinfection method of cleaning the virus.

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    Allow a professional to disinfect your home the right way by using electrostatic disinfection technique, eradicating viruses like COVID. Do it before anyone contracts the virus in your home. This will provide the protection you need to stay safe. Go ahead and contact Safe Spray’s Disinfectant Solution for a free no-obligation service estimate.

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