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    Food Contact Safe Solutions
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    Too often, people believe that they are protecting their family when they use certain antibacterial products in their food prep and eating areas.

    Unfortunately, many people might be doing the complete opposite and end up poisoning themselves and their family members.

    Learn today about food contact safe solutions and how it is essential to read the labels.

    Is Your Disinfectant Food Contact Safe?

    It is essential to note that disinfectants, in general, are not meant to be used around food. In other words, they are not considered “food contact safe.”

    The main reason for this is the chemicals in the disinfectants, which have to be wiped away entirely before coming into contact with the food area.

    Read The Label

    The instruction aspect of labels on disinfectants is more critical than anything else. It helps to guide you in the proper and safe usage of the product.

    Instead of guessing or assuming that the product is food contact safe, it is best to read the label at the back in-depth, so you can be well-informed about handling the product safely, particularly around food.

    For example, on the back of a Clorox wipes container, it explicitly states how to use it on surfaces where food products are handled.

    The label reads, “For surfaces that come in contact with food, a potable water rinse is required.”

    What it boils down to is that you believe you’re protecting your loved ones, but essentially, you’re slowly poisoning them. This is because the chemicals are entering their bodies over a period of time.

    If a rinse is recommended, go ahead and wipe the surface with a wet paper towel after the disinfected surface has dried, as that is the only way to guarantee it doesn’t come in contact with food.

    Areas to focus on include:

    • Kitchen countertops
    • Dining room tables
    • Any surface that you eat on

    EPA List N

    Another thing that you can do to determine if a disinfectant is considered food contact safe is to visit The Environmental Protection Agency website.

    Their EPA List N is created to help you be aware of whether the disinfecting wipe you use effectively prevents the spread of the coronavirus. If yes, it also tells you how long before the disinfectant takes effect.

    This particular list also tells you if the product is food contact safe, and if it is, then go ahead and use it. Otherwise, wipe it down before handling food.

    Protect Your Loved Ones

    Following the instructions, especially when it comes to wiping away the chemical, virtually protects your loved ones.

    To learn more or have your questions about food contact safe solutions answered; reach out to the Safe Spray team today for all the important answers.

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