Electrostatic Disinfection for Car Dealerships

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    Electrostatic Disinfection for Car Dealerships

    There are top-rated disinfection cleaning companies to call if you own or run a car dealership and want to keep your employees and customers safe. Many of these companies’ service buildings in the area, whether it is a corporate office, school, car dealership, church, law office, medical office, factory, and more.

    The Team
    A team of cleaning specialists will come to the car dealership once an appointment is scheduled. They will meticulously clean the building; from top to bottom by disinfecting all of the regular touchpoints. The team will use three in one disinfectant and cleaner approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for fighting against the virus. Usually, once the appointment is booked, the team arrives to begin the disinfection process when no other Typically, every team member is trained to apply this specialized disinfectant treatment. Most disinfectant cleaning companies do a full cleaning of the entire building, including the floors, surfaces, and exterior. Safe chemicals and specific protocols are implemented to ensure that everyone is protected, healthy, and safe.

    Following Instructions
    In addition to the team of specialists receiving regular training to stay current with innovative cleaning methods, every team member utilizes the mandatory instructions necessary to carry out the assignment in a specific way to maintain consistency. Electrostatic disinfectant technology successfully charges and separates the droplets of disinfectant, which helps create uniform coverage for the whole targeted area.

    Inside and Outside of the Vehicles
    Of course, most potential customers that visit a car dealership want to test drive the vehicle. So the vehicles on the lot must be disinfected as well to protect the employee and the customers. This is not as thorough as cleaning a whole building since the vehicle’s parts to be affected by the virus would be the steering wheel, seats, and flooring. The exterior of the car, even though it is a surface, is not usually touched. If a potential client wants to feel the exterior, the salesperson should caution them or notify the client beforehand not to touch the vehicle’s exterior. Safe Spray’s disinfecting solutions are perfect for many industries, especially those with a lot of equipment in rooms, such as equipment and furniture.

    The Application
    With the use of electrostatic disinfectant spraying, the cleaning team treats the areas where odors are lingering, and pathogens are found; paying particular attention to areas that can be re-infected easily. Special cleaning equipment is used to improve different surfaces as well as the environment quality. The spray is applied to cover the contact points and hidden surfaces. Generally, the team tries to organize and plan the various areas where the cleaning will take place. The most popular contamination areas are the bathroom, kitchen, desks, chairs, doorknobs, sinks, floors, windows, cubicles, waiting for area chairs, tables, and more. The bacterial load will be removed or reduced from different areas and objects, making it safe for employees and customers to enter the building. The technique applied eliminates bacteria, micro-germs, and viruses from any space or surface where other systems and methods don’t do so well. It is important to note that one application of an antimicrobial shield can last up to 30 days.

    If you own a car dealership and want to keep getting customers to check out your new vehicles on the lot but don’t know how to attract customers during the pandemic, the clue is to inform them that the building; inside and outside is safe to enter and exit. Use digital communication to get the word out to your customers. However, before you open up your doors to customers, contact an electrostatic disinfectant company first so as you can get the place spick and span and free of the COVID-19 virus.

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