Disinfecting a House Before a House Showing

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    Disinfecting a House Before a House Showing

    As we continue to adjust to our new form of living during the pandemic, many are still making life-changing decisions that require in-person meetings. An example of this is home buying. There are advantages associated with purchasing a home now. However, realtors and homeowners need to ensure that they are taking the appropriate safety precautions and measures when holding open houses.

    Individuals today can no longer have ‘walk-in’ open houses. Unfortunately, it would create an unsafe environment due to cross-contamination.

    The Disinfection Process

    Before homeowners invite potential buyers into their homes, they need to make sure that the space is completely clean and disinfected. While this is generally good advice, people have to take this process a step further. They should make sure that they clean all of the surfaces of their homes. Viruses can survive on various environmental surfaces; therefore, cleaning those areas is essential for eliminating viruses and infectious diseases.

    However, only relying on these methods is not sufficient enough. After all, it would take hours for every square corner of a house to be cleaned, but that does not guarantee a COVID-free environment. Disinfection technology has significantly advanced. There is now a disinfection method that allows you to eliminate 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses. This EPA-registered solution will guarantee your next house showing is safe from viral infections.

    Electrostatic spraying is a toxic-free disinfection method that kills up to 99.99% viruses on several types of surfaces. A disinfecting solution is electrostatically charged when sprayed. The particles inside of the mist can stick to household surfaces much more effectively than many other products. These particles have a positive and negative charge, which allows them to stick on all surfaces.

    There are no other special cleaning and Disinfecting techniques required with electrostatic disinfection. Homeowners, cleaning professionals, and real estate workers will not need to worry about guests accidentally touching a surface that has not been appropriately disinfected. Ensure the safety of the home and homebuyers by calling Safe Spray. Our trustworthy team of technicians will not leave until the house is 99.99% disinfected.

    We strongly suggest using multiple cleaning methods aside from electrostatic disinfection. This way, you can provide your clients with a safe and healthy home buying experience. People who start by disinfecting certain areas using soap and water will already control some contaminants. Electrostatic disinfectants can be used to more thoroughly eliminate the bacteria and viruses resting on different household surfaces. It’s a subtle cleaning technique that will deliver results and make a house much safer for everyone.

    The Open House Schedule

    Even after the house has been prepared and thoroughly disinfected, the people need to ensure that the event proceeds correctly. The guests should not stand less than six feet away from one another. It’s also essential to make sure that the house is not too crowded.

    Real estate professionals and sellers want to make sure that enough people get to see the house. Holding multiple house showings can help to mitigate this problem.

    Real estate professionals and homebuyers who feel ill should immediately notify the other party and cancel or postpone the open house. This can help us slow the spread of COVID-19. Guests should also be encouraged to wear masks when entering the home. Professionals can set a good example by wearing the masks themselves and creating an environment where they feel comfortable.

    Some professionals are now providing guests with hand sanitizer and disposable masks. Having some of these materials on hand is a great way to ensure everyone followed the guidelines in place. It demonstrates that the people involved are committed to health and safety. Guests may be more optimistic about the new house as a result.

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