Choose Safe Spray for an Ecological Disinfecting Solution

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    Choose Safe Spray for an Ecological Disinfecting Solution

    Safe Spray provides commercial and residential professional disinfecting services using an electrostatic spray that quickly kills influenza and COVID-19 viruses and other viruses. Our eco-friendly method proves 99.999 percent effective against these dangerous viruses and helps you offer a safer, disinfected environment for your family or customers and employees.

    Provide the Best First Impression Possible

    Your customers, patients, friends, or family visiting your office or home first notice its cleanliness. To provide a welcoming, inviting environment, we help you disinfect your space from top to bottom. Our Total Safe service includes a hand wipe disinfecting, and cleaning of all surfaces in your structure.

    Our minimum application requires one hour. Safe Spray can thoroughly treat your structure in that short amount of time, saving you from needing to sink added energy and time into disinfecting your business or home.

    Ecologically Sound Materials with a VOC-Free Spray Solution

    Our green disinfectants contain no volatile organic compounds, yet every product we use is hospital-grade. Our green solution provides you with a healthy, safe way to clean and disinfect your business or home. Your guests or customers breathe only healthy air unencumbered by VOCs. Using an ecological disinfectant makes more sense. Using a product with VOCs would potentially expose your family, friends, employees, and customers to respiratory issues, aggravate asthma, and cause headaches. When you need a deep-clean, you can turn to one of our business partners, who uses our Safe Spray to treat areas after they have cleaned them. They go far beyond your typical cleaning service.

    We Set the Standard for Sanitization

    Choosing Safe Spray means you receive an unmatched level of disinfecting and sanitization for your home or workplace. We provide LEED-compliant commercial sanitization from a professional service provider. Our method and custom spray offer you an ecologically sound method of creating a healthier environment in just an hour. We help you obtain clean air and surfaces in your home or office. That can lead to enhanced enjoyment of your home or increased productivity at your office.

    A Welcoming Environment Increases Productivity

    You’ve probably noticed that ambiance and cleanliness help you enjoy your home life better. The same things contribute to a better work-life. You can help your employees increase their productivity by providing a sparkling clean, completely disinfected, and sanitized working environment.

    You read a lot about a positive workplace culture nowadays. One of the critical factors in providing this positive culture is simply creating a welcoming, clean space. Clean surroundings increase productivity. If you declutter your workspace, it further increases productivity. You also save your employees from needing to spend time cleaning and disinfecting, which leaves them with more time to spend on the work you hired them to do.

    Of course, visitors to your home appreciate your efforts to improve your surroundings. They benefit during the visit from the welcoming environment. Hiring a commercial cleaning company to clean and disinfect your home or office regularly provides a welcoming environment for everyone.

    Contact Safe Spray Today

    Whether you need your home, or your business spray disinfected, we can help. Contact Safe Spray today to learn more about our commercial or residential disinfection services. There’s likely a local Safe Spray office near you as a franchise business. Every location receives the same high-level training and uses the same dependable, VOC-free disinfectant spray.

    Call us today for our disinfecting services near you. We provide the most comprehensive ecological solution for disinfecting your home or office. Let us help you improve the health and wellbeing offered by your home or office.

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