6 Tips for Keeping Your Office Germ Free

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    6 Tips for Keeping Your Office Germ Free

    As humans, we subconsciously have an aversion to filth and dirt. For germaphobes, this is magnified because germs are the cause of so many diseases that can turn deadly without warning. We all realize that germs are something we should avoid at all costs, but how do you keep your workplace germ-free? Here are six excellent ways to do it.

    Encourage Hand Washing Among Employees

    This may seem like common knowledge, but there are many ways in which hand washing can make an office clean and germ-free. Encourage your employees to wash their hands after using the restroom. Also, it’s important to keep liquid soap at every sink, so employees do not have to walk far or share a communal bar of soap. Keeping soap in every washroom is essential because many germs can be spread by touching common surfaces.

    Make Sure Communal Spaces Like the Office Kitchen Are Cleaned Up and Disinfected After Use

    The kitchen is another place in the office where most germs are shared. There are two ways to keep this area clean, either by cleaning everything constantly or not using it at all. Since there is always food in the office kitchen, employees must know when to clean up without disrupting their workflow. If remote working or refreshments are available in individual offices, this should be considered as an alternative to sharing communal space. Also, it might be beneficial for employees to keep a small container of sanitizer on their desk to disinfect their hands after leaving the kitchen and before starting to work again.

    Ensure Shared Desks (Cubicles) Remain Clean

    It’s always important to keep any shared space as germ-free as possible by following basic cleanliness rules. Ensure that employees are not storing food or leaving trash in their workspaces and keep their area cleaned up during breaks.

    If there is an issue with people working with messy desks, it might be time to talk about the importance of staying clean at work so everyone can remain healthy. Ideally, there would be separate areas for eating and sitting.

    Motivate Your Employees to Adopt Healthy Lives

    A somewhat obvious way to limit the spread of germs is to incentivize employees to stay healthy. By promoting exercise and a good diet, it’s easier for people to stay more alert and aware of how they are feeling. In the same way, offering incentives for not coming in sick can help reduce the chances employees will come in ill. This would be beneficial for employers because having a workforce of healthy workers would result in less time lost from work by employees who need to take care of themselves.

    Maintain a Clean Workplace

    Although most people know that germs can be passed easily between coworkers, many small things can be done to make an office clean and germ-free. Having tasks that need to be done daily or weekly can help improve the quality of the workplace. This list could include making sure bathrooms are clean, the dishwasher is emptied, and trash bins are emptied regularly. Not only does this keep everyone healthy, but it can also be beneficial to improve morale.

    Ensure Regular Disinfection of Shared Devices Like Desk Phones

    If you use a desk phone, make sure that you clean it before touching it with either your hands or face. Germs are easily spread on these surfaces, and if they’re not cleaned regularly, this can lead to many outbreaks of illness in the office.

    A clean and germ-free office is a happy workplace. At SafeSpray, we understand that you may be extremely busy and not have time to focus on your office’s cleanliness. That’s why we provide a wide range of disinfection solutions to keep every surface in your workplace free from germs. Call 1-855-SPRAY-US for a free consultation.

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