How Household Cleaning Supplies Affect Health

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    How Household Cleaning Supplies Affect Health

    Could your household cleaners be making you ill? How about the new age of all-natural botanical cleaners. What do most cleaning supplies actually contain?

    • Petroleum solvents are used to cut through grime
    • Ethylene glycol used as an anti-freeze and preservative
    • Phosphates: a form of acid

    How can natural cleaners affect your health?

    Though we think that using natural cleaning supplies is healthier and even making our own to save money, we can be doing more harm than good and not even be aware of it. What do most natural cleaning supplies contain?

    • Sodium lauryl sulfate
    • Phthalates are found in most fragranced cleaners and even personal care products and can damage the lungs and other organs.
    • Citrus cleaners can create a chemical reaction that is harmful to asthmatics and pets.
    • When improperly mixed, homemade cleaners can harm eyes, skin and furniture.

    Most people are not aware of one ingredient found in antibacterial products that can have an adverse effect on thyroid function. This ingredient is triclosan, and although data is inconclusive on this, better safe than sorry is a good rule to live by.

    The most common household cleaners are bleach, ammonia, and vinegar. Bleach and ammonia are both harmful when inhaled and can cause lung damage. Vinegar mixed with dish soap would appear harmless yet pose a risk to our aquatic environment.

    Fish can be harmed by these substances destroying the external mucus layers that protect them from bacteria and parasites. Pollution of our water supply is a real problem, and there is a solution available.

    Is Anything Safe?

    There is a safe, highly effective way to sanitize and disinfect any surface in your home or business: electrostatic disinfection.

    What is electrostatic disinfection?

    Science and technology have combined to offer Safe Spray, the #1 electrostatic disinfection solution for home and office. Electrostatic disinfection is a method that uses EPA, and CDC-approved chemicals along with electrostatic sprayers or fogging equipment to ensure an even and complete coverage of all areas.

    What Makes Safe Spray Different

    Safe Spray uses only EPA, and CDC-approved chemicals that are food and environmentally safe to use around the home, children, and pets, yet are effective enough to kill 99.99% of the viruses known to cause illness.

    Safe Spray is safe to use in residential and commercial environments, including restaurants and nursing homes. When it comes to your family, you want to be sure you are using the safest product available.

    Lung health is so important in these times of uncertainty. By entrusting your home or business to Safe Spray, you can rest assured that every nook and cranny will be disinfected.

    The Safe Spray Process

    A team of experts will visit your site to complete an evaluation and provide you with a free estimate.

    Next, a pre-test is performed to search for residues.

    The treatment plan consists of three steps:

    1. Clean and sanitize
    2. Disinfection
    3. Seal the environment with a Micro shield for lasting protection.

    Finally, you are provided with a certificate. It is recommended that a one-hour wait period be observed before re-entering your home or business. However, this can be shortened under certain circumstances.

    Safe Spray is 100% safe for humans and pets and can be used in restaurants or daycare. Those with a compromised immune system can rest assured that they are safe from pathogens and harmful fumes.

    Your health is the top priority with Safe Spray, and that is guaranteed.

    Call today to get your free estimate and peace of mind.

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